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KIMBEAR`S Alaskan Malamutes

Our team

In 2009 we got our first Alaskan Malamute – Soyala

In 2010 only 6 weeks later Tokki joined the team

By 2012 we had 4 Alaskan Malamutes in our team, two of which, Yoki and Akeela came from our first breeding: KIMBEAR`S ARCTIC WOLF and MOON In 2015 2 puppies stayed with us from the second litter, Chico - KIMBEAR`S BOTHEL BLAZING THE TRAIL and Anyu - EXPRESSION OF JOY



Our kennel KIMBEAR`S Alaskan Malamute is a small family breed home in the very north of Germany. Our main objective is to support the original function of the malamute through working ability and promoting social temperaments within the breed standards. We also acknowledge our responsibilities as stud dog owners, and so will not compromise on our breeding ideals and standards.

The outdoor cooking book is available here including recipes for long-distance tours based on dry food .


We have always enjoyed the active outdoor life. We are out together with the dogsn all year round, as we all love being in nature walking, skijoring, doing pulka tours and water sports.


All of our dogs have got the American working title WTDA and WTDX in the season of 2017

Long-distance tour in Sweden from Järpen to Abisko over 1042 km


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update August 2017

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